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Afghanistan In Peril: Will Obama Lose a War We Were Poised to Win? Analysis from Michael Yon

National Security Review

Cliff May, Austin Bay, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Oct 4, 2009 14min
GITMO 101: The Truth about Guantanamo Bay

National Security Review

"The misconceptions of what the detention camp is at Guantanamo Bay are as varied and intricate as the security measures there. " -- Bill Whittle 

Apr 12, 2011 7min
NATO, Out of Ammo? The Past Present & Future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

National Security Review

"There definitely is a future for NATO." -- Sally McNamara

Apr 27, 2011 10min
Obama's Mixed Messages: White House Confusion on Egypt, Libya and Middle East

National Security Review

"I think there is a message being sent that is effectively this: that we will punt responsibility of taking care of a dire situation in international security, and we are going to go ahead and punt to the Europeans, and we're going to punt it to NATO." -- Jonathan Schanzer

Mar 9, 2011 10min
Osama's Dead...Now What?

National Security Review

"Al Qaeda, which once executed spectacular attacks virtually at will, is now a dispirited and leaderless ghost of its former self." - Bill Whittle

May 5, 2011 10min
Talking Turkey: Radical Islam and the Future of Turkey

National Security Review

"The fear in Turkey...is that...you would see a degradation of democracy and suddenly the solidification into some form of Islamic republic." -- Austin Bay 

Jul 14, 2011 11min
The War Movie Hollywood Won't Make

PJTV Daily

Andrew Klavan reports on the realities of combat in Afghanistan.   


PJTV Daily Show, National Security Review ]

Jan 29, 2009 21min
Walk Like a Secularist Egyptian: Why Activist Cynthia Farahat Has High Hopes for Egypt's Future

National Security Review

"During the Bush administration we were much more empowered...We were saying things we'd never dreamt of saying before the Bush administration, because the Egyptian regime had to leverage by giving us more freedoms and more rights." - Egyptian activist Cynthia Farahat

Mar 1, 2011 12min
WikiLeaks is Bad, but Is It Treason?

National Security Review

Cliff May and Austin Bay join Alexis Garcia to discuss WikiLeaks. If Julian Assange is Australian, can the United States charge him with treason? Should the First Amendment apply to him? Find out.  

Dec 29, 2010 12min
"Runaway General" McChrystal

National Security Review

With his explosive Rolling Stone profile on the stands and tearing up the internet, General Stanley McChrystal may go from the front line, to the sideline.

On this week's NSR, Whittle, May and Bay share their thoughts on the U.S. Commander in Afghanistan.  Can he call those in the White House "wimps," and still hold his job?  What happens if McChrystal leaves?  Who would replace him?  And is the Rolling Stone article solid journalism?  These issues, and more, are discussed in this National Security Review.

Jun 23, 2010 15min