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Hair of the Dog: Democrats Get Nasty…and Eat Dog


"Since the President brought it up, this would be an excellent time to remind you that Obama eats dog!" -- Stephen Green

Aug 20, 2012 4min
Hit the Road Barack?!? 'Newsweek' Tells Obama to Take a Hike

PJ News Break

"The NOW spokesman said: 'The patriarchal sexist men at Augusta have no right to decide who's really a woman'" -- Scott Ott

Aug 20, 2012 3min
How and When Will Israel Strike Iran?

Faster, Please!

"There are so many leaks, so many stories, that it's impossible to tell what's true and what's not." - Dr. Michael Ledeen

Aug 20, 2012 9min
Exclusive Videos Show How One Texas County Fakes Crime Stats to Make Border Look Safe

PJTV Special

"By changing the codes the county is falsifying its official crime data." -- Bryan Preston

Aug 20, 2012 8min
Biden Unleashed! Vice President Ignores Democrat Party's History of Racism

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Keep in mind the words of your Democrat darling Bill Clinton...Robert Byrd was just trying to get elected" - Zo

Aug 18, 2012 5min
Has the GOP Lost Latino Voters? (Members Only)


"We are already wearing the ruby slippers" -- Scott Ott 

Aug 18, 2012 6min
The New York Times Celebrates Death at Chick-fil-A, as a Ghost Haunts Nancy Pelosi


"The New York Times' Joe Bittman rejoiced when the Vice President of Chik-fil-A died of a heart attack. All the hate is on the right folks, remember that." -- Stephen Green

Aug 18, 2012 5min
Rotten Tomatoes Weekend Roundup: The Expendables 2, ParaNorman & Odd Life of Timothy Green


"ParaNorman is your best bet this weekend" -- Matt Atchity

Aug 18, 2012 3min
Does NBC Deserve a Gold Medal for Olympic Coverage? And What's with All the Effing Swearing on TV?


"It [Olympic spectacles] has become a huge pagan festival...Lenin is the secular Christ." -- Lionel Chetwynd

Aug 17, 2012 10min
Romney Does His Best Karl Rove Impersonation with Medicare White Board Demonstration

PJ News Break

"President Obama's plan will bankrupt Medicare in a few years" -- Scott Ott

Aug 17, 2012 3min