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The New Stalinism? Obama and the Potential Return of the Five-Year Plan

Front Page with Allen Barton

"[The General Motors bailout] turned out to be a $26 billion subsidy to the union...and it was taken from shareholders and bondholders of the company." -- Terry Jones

Sep 3, 2012 8min
DNC 2012 Preview: Will Obama and the Dems Pander to the Extreme Left?

RNC 2012

"I expect we'll see more of the pandering to the different tribes" -- Alexis Garcia

Sep 3, 2012 17min
Liberals Will Raise the Abortion Issue as Sure as They Will Raise Taxes

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Democrats walk in a circle of deception" -- AlfonZo Rachel

Sep 3, 2012 5min
Will Dems Lose Big in 2012? Plus, Neil Armstrong & Crazy Horse Sing Harvest Moonwalk


"Missing person of the Week, well of next week: Hillary Clinton.  During the DNC, she has vital business to attend to in…the Cook Islands" -- Stephen Green

Sep 1, 2012 5min
Civil Servants Living Large: Washington DC Is Booming, as Nation Struggles

Front Page with Allen Barton

"How should we view the prosperity of Washington, D.C. in contrast [to] the malaise and stagnation in the rest of the country?" -- Allen Barton

Sep 1, 2012 8min
Election 2012: What Obama and Romney Need to Do To Win the Debates (Members)


"Romney is confident…presidential" -- Bill Whittle

Sep 1, 2012 3min
Romney Promises to Help Your Family, Obama Promises to Help Oceans

PJ News Break

"The Pentagon officially warned a former Navy SEAL" -- Scott Ott

Aug 31, 2012 3min
RNC 2012: American Crossroad's Steven Law Breaks Down the Electoral Map

RNC 2012

"Everybody is fired up and they think we have a chance to win." - Steven Law

Aug 31, 2012 5min
RNC 2012: Millennial Unemployment and those Faded Obama Posters

RNC 2012

 "Paul Ryan spoke directly to the youth of this country" -- Alex Schriver

Aug 31, 2012 5min
RNC 2012: Romney Political Director Rich Beeson Sketches the Electoral Path to Victory

RNC 2012

"The Democrats want to make you think there's a very narrow path." -- Rich Beeson

Aug 31, 2012 4min