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Uncommon Knowledge -- Pat Sajack Spins the Wheel on His Unapologetic Conservatism

PJTV Special

"There is such disdain for fly-over country…that troubles me the most -- that this protectorate of the little guy can't stand the little guy." -- Pat Sajack

Sep 6, 2012 48min
Pain Collars, Hippie Punching and More: How to Fix Everything in America Forever

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

"I think we need to keep the Supreme Court simple" -- Frank J. Fleming

Sep 6, 2012 10min
Competitor in Chief: He Knows Better, He Plays Better, He Is Better?!?


"He thinks he's the greatest president ever" -- Bill Whittle

Sep 6, 2012 7min
GOP Is Not Racist, Notwithstanding Liberal Lies

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Liberals accuse him of selling out" -- AlfonZo Rachel

Sep 6, 2012 5min
Bill Whittle & Yaron Brook One-On-One: The Threat of Nuclear Iran & the Future of the Middle East

PJTV Special

"Getting rid of the nuclear problem in Iran is only the beginning.  What really needs to happen is you got to get rid of that regime." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 6, 2012 19min
Klavan, Whittle & RE S: What is My Fair Share of Taxes? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"The answer is 100 percent"-- Bill Whittle 

Sep 6, 2012 6min
Free Market Revolution: Did Ayn Rand Provide a Path to Economic Prosperity?

PJTV Special

"This is a philosophical, ideological war we are fighting.  We need to win the battle of ideas---we need to win it everywhere.  And it's going to be hard." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 5, 2012 14min
DNC 2012: First Lady Ridicules Success. Plus, Dems Hastily Change Convention Location

PJ News Break

"A Democrat spokesman said, there's no truth to the rumor that Bank of America Stadium is now too big to fill" -- Scott Ott

Sep 5, 2012 3min
Obama's War on the Constitution: Are Liberals Like John Cusack Abandoning Obama?


"That's why Cusack seems so crazy" -- Stephen Green 

Sep 5, 2012 8min
RNC Wrap Up: Meet the Candidates the MSM Doesn't Want You To See


"Here's one speaker the networks had to show you, because he introduced his party's nominee.  Ladies and gentlemen, Marco 'Wilson' Rubio" -- Stephen Green

Sep 4, 2012 8min