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SNEAK PEEK: Ann Coulter on President Obama's Disastrous Debate & MSNBC's Implosion

PJTV Special

"These were the kind of numbers 'Freddie Got Fingered' was getting when it opened up in the box office." -- John Phillips

Oct 4, 2012 4min
Winning! MSNBC In Full Post-Debate Meltdown. Plus, Will Obama Blame Bush for his Debate Performance?

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"He [Chris Matthews] went Charlie Sheen on us. Winning! Winning!" -- Stephen Kruiser

Oct 4, 2012 16min
Wham Bam, Obama Gets Slammed. Obama Takes Hit after Hit from Mitt Romney in First Debate

PJTV Special

"He has no record to defend." -- Glenn Reynolds

Oct 4, 2012 36min
You Are Not Paranoid: Governments Really Are Tracking Your Every Movement


"We have entered the age of surveillance" -- Scott Ott

Oct 4, 2012 8min
ObamaPhones, Welfare Reform & Benghazi: What's the State of the Presidential Race?

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

"Is it racist to call that 'hispandering'?"- Glenn Reynolds

Oct 4, 2012 12min
Debate Preview: Will Romney Have to Debate both Obama and the Moderator?

PJ News Break

"PBS newsman Jim Lehrer, the debate moderator, said he doesn't want to sound cocky, just confident." -- Scott Ott

Oct 3, 2012 3min
Uncommon Knowledge: George Gilder on Wealth and Poverty, and Why Socialism Always Fails

PJTV Special

"Ayn Rand was a big influence on me, as she was on Paul Ryan" -- George Gilder


Oct 3, 2012 42min
Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife! Race Obsessed Liberals Will Curse at Your Kids to Make Their Point

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Whoopi's not white but she seems to have plenty to say about them" -- Zo 

Oct 3, 2012 4min
November Surprise: Millions of Tea Party Voters Are Engaged and Ready to Vote


"I look at that Tea Party number, and I hope...let's do this on November 6th" -- Stephen Green 

Oct 3, 2012 9min
PJTV Debate Preview: How Should Mitt Romney Answer Jim Lehrer's Loaded Questions?


"Mitt Romney faces the most important night of his political life in Denver as he squares off in his first political debate against Jim Lehrer with moderator Barack Obama." - Steve Green

Oct 2, 2012 8min