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Fiscal Cliff Reality: Everyone Is Rich, Your Taxes Are Going Up, and the Country Is Bankrupt


"...if the Democrats can sell this idea that the economy is going up -- and then the evil Republicans took it all away -- well, then they win. They'll bankrupt the country. But they'll win." -- Stephen Green

Dec 10, 2012 4min
Little Common Ground Leading Up To Fiscal Cliff. Plus, US Fire Sale Attracts Chinese Buyers

PJ News Break

"Obama said he hopes those numbers keep growing, because no one wants go back to the bad old days of privately purchased food that got us into this mess in the first place" -- Scott Ott

Dec 10, 2012 3min
Dem Tax Hypocrisy: Costco Founder Supports Obama While Avoiding Millions in Taxes

Front Page with Allen Barton

"He is being a hypocrite and he is being a good businessman" -- Terry Jones

Dec 10, 2012 10min
Liberal Train Wreck: Why Are Accusatory Dem Race Baiters Silent on NYC Subway Death?

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"A Black man pushed a Korean man off a subway platform and liberals are not making a big deal about it" -- AlfonZo Rachel 

Dec 10, 2012 3min
Oliver Stone's Ahistorical History Tarnishes Showtime and CBS


 "It's really an outrage that a mainstream network owned by CBS can even broadcast this tripe. It's so outrageous it's mindblowing." - Ron Radosh

Dec 8, 2012 15min
Obama Imitates Art: Did a Novelist Predict the Obama Presidency 60 Years Ago? (Members Only)


"The parallels are ominous" -- Stephen Green

Dec 8, 2012 4min
Rotten Tomatoes Weekend Roundup: "Playing for Keeps" and "End of Watch"

PJTV Special


"For a movie that has so many fun, charming actors in it, there's really nothing really enjoyable here" - Matt Atchity


Dec 8, 2012 3min
Brits Going Galt? U.K. Millionaires Vanishing

Front Page with Allen Barton

"10,000 millionaires disappeared" -- Allen Barton

Dec 8, 2012 13min
Week in Blogs: Liars, Gas Bags and Protesters


"Clarification of the Week: It's Bob Costas explaining what he did and did not say about guns during the football game on Sunday" -- Stephen Green

Dec 8, 2012 5min
Can Ke$ha Save Conservatism? Plus, Jobless Numbers Prove That Job Loss Great for Unemployment Number

PJ News Break

"DeMint said Heritage will hire several new policy analysts, including Rihanna, Ke$ha, Pink and Nicki Minaj" -- Scott Ott

Dec 7, 2012 3min