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Trifecta's Person of the Year (Members Only)


"Men are men and we are all flawed" -- Scott Ott 

Dec 27, 2012 5min
Cult of Perfection: How Women's Magazines Make Women Feel Ugly and Worthless

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

"Women want to feel good about themselves" -- Kara Eschbach

Dec 27, 2012 10min
Soledad O'Brien: CNN's Solitary, Ratings Void of Bias

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"She has only three settings when oozing bias: snotty, confrontational, or snotty and confrontational at the same time" -- Stephen Kruiser 

Dec 27, 2012 6min
The Biggest Winners of 2012

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"He's already been named Time's Person of the Year and People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, if the only other contestant is Hillary Clinton" -- Stephen Kruiser

Dec 26, 2012 3min
Klavan, Whittle & WatcherinLA: Do "Democrats in Name Only" Exist? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"Democrats are just doing what government does" -- Andrew Klavan

Dec 26, 2012 7min
What We Learned in 2012: A Year of Hard Lessons for Republicans and Conservatives

PJTV Special

"Whenever you look at him, just think of hooker's toes" -- John Phillips


Dec 26, 2012 12min
Racial Hatred in America: Quentin Tarantino's Fixation with the "N" Word

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"It has always been a term of hatred" -- AlfonZo Rachel

Dec 25, 2012 3min
Was 2012 the Best Year Ever?


"Global poverty was cut in half" -- Stephen Green

Dec 25, 2012 9min
Sneak Peek -- Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: Are Video Games the Future for Conservatives?

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

"Many of these games…tend to be conservative in nature." -- Bill Whittle

Dec 25, 2012 3min
Bow WOW! A Dog Learns to Drive a Mini, But Democrats Still Struggle with Basic Math


"Power to the pooches" -- Scott Ott


Dec 24, 2012 6min