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The Dark Side of Altruism: Is the Road to Hell Paved With Good Intentions?
20 minutes

Dr. Helen Smith addresses cultural and social issues,  including men’s issues, politics, education, and relationships. Her guests range from authors to politicians to fellow psychologists. Whether she’s exploring alternative ways of living or addressing the relationship questions that have plagued people for centuries,  Smith entertainingly investigates the fundamentals of human nature.
About the Host:
Dr. Helen Smith is a forensic psychologist in Knoxville. She has a PhD from the University Of Tennessee and masters degrees from the New School for Social Research and the City University of New York. She has evaluated over 5000 mentally disturbed adults and children from Harlem, New York to rural Tennessee, and served as an expert in various murder trials.
She has appeared on numerous television and radio shows (including Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Montel Williams, Women's Entertainment TV, Biography and Oxygen) to discuss the topic of violence. She is the author of “The Scarred Heart: Understanding and Identifying Kids Who Kill,” and writer and executive producer of the movie, “Six,”  a documentary about juvenile violence.
Blog: http://www.drhelen.blogspot.com


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