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Update: Because of recent concerns about terrorism in our country, we have pulled together both current and past coverage on issues of terrorism, radical Islam, and Jihad.

  • Current Coverage of issues comes from both PJTV and Next Generation
  • Older content comes from a previous PJTV series "Sharia and Jihad" (2009)
  • Members only (Entry level membership @ $5/month) Coverage:
    • Third Jihad - 2008 Documentary
    • Obsession - 2005 Documentary
    • Conference - Collapse of Europe, Rise of Islam - 2007 Conference

God Bless America...or Not? Pentagon Threatens Religious Soldiers

20 minutes
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Thrown Under the (Jihadi) Bus: Political Cowardice Derails Career of Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley

15 minutes
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Jihadis on Welfare, Terror Camp for Kids and Jason Collins Comes Out

22 minutes
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April 2010 - Times Square Bomber Investigation - Discontinue the Censorship

Federal law enforcement and intelligence agents investigating the Times Square Bomber  should not be shackled with censorship of Islamic terminology as they have in the past says PJTV's Roger L. Simon.  

Times Square Bomber Investigation - Discontinue the Censorship - Roger L. Simon Commentary
3 minutes
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 PJTV has covered (videos and documents below) - how a number of key federal documents are 100 percent sanitized regarding Islamic terminology. Additionally Roger L. Simon has called for a congressional hearing into this issue.





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