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“VodkaPundit” Stephen Green serves up his take on the blogosphere’s highlights when he picks out the ten very best and very worst nuggets every Friday.


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TWIB: Who Do Democrats Vote For Now To Prove They Are Not Idiots?
3 minutes

Hair of the Dog
“VodkaPundit” Stephen Green serves as your insightful Monday morning quarterback, poking not-so-gentle fun at those Sunday morning political chat shows -- with a stiff shot of wit and a biting dash of humor.


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Hair of the Dog: Lies, Damn Lies and Han Solo's Timely Advice to the GOP
6 minutes

Coast to Coast Tea Party

Every week, Stephen Green talks with an activist or politician making a difference in the tea party movement.


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NJ Candidate Reveals Little Known Truths about Jobs and ObamaCare
11 minutes

About the Host:

Stephen Green has worked in broadcasting on and off since 1988.  One of the first political bloggers, he's published daily at VodkaPundit since early 2002.  He pioneered "drunkblogging," which he calls "the only sober response to modern politics."

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Steve ran off to northern California in 1989 to launch a radio career which has been described by critics as "dreadful," "mercifully short-lived," and "who?"  Despite such praise, Steve jumped at the chance at working in television after PJTV CEO Roger L. Simon promised him "a bottle of something nice."

You can also hear him on Pajamas Media's "PJM Political," airing weekends on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio's POTUS channel.
Green lives with his wife and son high in the mountains of Colorado, where he enjoys checking the mail each day for that bottle Roger promised.

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