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PJTV Gives a New Voice to Minority Conservatives 

Online TV network launches The Minority Report

El Segundo, CA – Launching a fresh forum for center-right commentary,
PJTV today introduced the organization’s newest venture, The Minority Report. This exclusive broadcast will showcase the voices of leaders in the minority community, offering commentary from thought leaders such as Joe Hicks, Sonja Schmidt,AlfonZo Rachel and others.
“PJTV has always sought to offer viewers a new perspective that the mainstream media often fails to present,” said Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media. “As an organization, we aim to continually reach out to new demographics whose voices are often hushed in traditional coverage. PJTV and Pajamas Media are excited to introduce this new forum in which the voices of center-right minorities can be unleashed, giving all viewers a new perspective on politics and culture.”
The Minority Report will feature panels and individual guest appearances by various minority leaders, each addressing Tea Party issues and race in America as well as various national and global issues.  Joe Hicks, a former member of the Black Panther Party turned conservative advocate, will host the first installment of The Minority Report. 
Hicks became a political advocate following the Watts riots in the 1960s and eventually served as the Communications Director for the ACLU’s Southern California Chapter and the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Human Rights Commission. Having been on the far-left side of the political spectrum before shifting right, Hicks offers viewers an unmatched, and often provocative, understanding of political and social issues. 
“Minority conservatives are often shut out of the mainstream media,” said Joe Hicks, PJTV contributor and a host of The Minority Report. “Center-right African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans – the list could go on – have a unique perspective to offer and deserve a forum in which to speak out about topics that impact minority populations as well as the nation as a whole. It is exciting to become part of this show that gives a new voice to those who pop culture and the mainstream media have attempted to hush.”




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