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Welcome to The PJ Institute

The PJ InstituteTM provides empirical research from the world's top thought leaders on the issues that frequently lead the news cycle.  Their in-depth analysis spans a variety of topics, from the economy and personal finance, to history and its impact on the present.  PJI offers its research and education through an array of new media and social media technologies.    
The institute has two economic initiatives: Maxed Out America and the National Economic Rescue Initiative.
PJI also sponsored an investigative report on a living Nazi SS Colonel who played a pivotal role in authorizing the Holocaust.
As part of its Maxed Out America initiative, the PJ Institute and consulting economist, Laurence Kotlikoff, analyzed U.S. government data to forecast the year when the nation might not be able to borrow money to finance its spending.  By carefully analyzing the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) long- and short-term forecasts, the institute was able to identify the year in which U.S. debt could go critical.  
What they found was a country streaking toward a potential tipping point in 2017, the year when federal debt could exceed 90 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP).
CLICK HERE to see PJI's Special Report and charts on when and how America could max out its credit card.

The National Economic Rescue Initiative (NERI) quantifies how Americans can be impacted financially in the coming years based on the U.S. government’s deficit spending and resulting national debt.  This initiative focuses on the increasing financial and economic problems facing the U.S.

The goals of NERI are:  

• To help people understand the economic threats and how they could impact American working families
• To understand what levels of spending cuts might reduce future tax increases for American working families
• To engage viewers in a Solution Design Center where they can explore and submit ideas for economic solutions
• To help people understand the growing importance and the basics of personal financial planning

CLICK HERE to visit the full NERI website.


Meet the Economists

PJI announced the results of a four-year study by an American, Mark Gould, who went undercover to investigate Dr. Bernhard Frank, a former SS Colonel who played a pivotal role in authorizing the genocide of Europe’s Jewish population during World War II. In chilling detail, Frank reveals his role at the start of one of the darkest chapters in human history. This investigation led to a lawsuit that charged Frank with genocide, torture, kidnapping and crimes against humanity.  
CLICK HERE to view the videotaped interviews with Frank (now 97 years old and living in Germany).
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In 2005, when they created their original blog site, the founders of PJ Media were on a mission -- to shed light on topics and issues that are important to Americans through their reporting, commentary and analysis.  Since 2005, they have delivered on that mission through the valuable content on their three websites, PJMedia.com, PJTV.com and PJInstitute.com.
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PJMedia.com provides news and commentary via correspondents in more than 40 coutries.  It is home to some of America's most influential bloggers, including Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Ledeen, Glenn Reynolds, Claudia Rosett, "Spengler" David Goldman and many others.  Moreover, its distinguished lineup of PJ Columnists including Zombie, Barry Rubin, Roger L. Simon and Stephen Green, is widely respected for their often comical and always honest punditry and insight.  This website is also home to the PJ Tatler (breaking news and gossip from inside the beltway), PJ Lifestyles (the latest on TV, music, movies, fashion, technology and food), and Instapundit (one of the most influential blogs posting on current events as well as Glenn Reynolds' personal notes). 
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PJTV is the first center-right television network to appear online.  It is a must-see source of video programming on the Internet with special reports on breaking news as well as unique programs like Afterburner with Bill Whittle; Instavision with Glenn Reynolds; Trifecta with Stephen Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle; Poliwood with Lionel Chetwynd and Roger L. Simon; and ZoNation with Alfonzo Rachel.  Recently, PJTV released Freedom's Charter, its video series on the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.  PJTV broadcasts daily from its studios in Los Angeles, Calif, Washington, D.C., New York, N.Y. and Knoxville, Tenn.