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The National Economic Rescue Initiative:

 Rescuing the American Dream from Economic Crisis

Exploring and Proposing  Solutions

The American Dream, for ourselves and our children, is eroding fast.  Ever-increasing spending by the U.S. government could drive taxes higher, leaving Americans with less of their earnings.  Our nation needs solutions. The National Economic Rescue Initiative provides you with a clear understanding of how American families could be impacted by massive tax increases, and it empowers you to explore and propose solutions to rescue the American Dream for current and future generations.    


Explore the Problem Confronting America and American Families:

Our ever-growing spending, deficit and debt will soon reach a size (possibly in 2020 or sooner) when America can no longer borrow money to finance its deficit spending. As a result, Americans may be required to pay additional taxes to cover the debt -- a Debt Stabilization Tax.  (more). 


Meet Some Next and Current Generation American Families:

The PJ Institute assembled a team of economists and developers who built the PFI Projector, a web-based application that projects and quantifies possible future tax-rate increases facing American families.  You can see that financial impact on next generation working couples who are 25 years old and entering the workforce in 2010.  You can also see the effects on current generation working couples who are about 42 years old.  To view projections for those 20 and 40 year old couples, click here.



Decode Why U.S. Economic Problems Could Result In Higher Taxes To Stabilize National Debt By Using the PFI Projector here:

Use the functions of the PFI Projector to learn what your or your children's tab could be to cover the cost if federal spending spirals ever upward.  Use the PFI Projector to adjust the spending levels of various federal programs and see how fiscal restraint could lessen the impact on your future taxes.  


Get Involved, and Propose Solutions:

Explore and Propose Solutions to our Nation's Economic Problems in our Virtual Solution Design Center here:

Explore Economic Solutions:
Take a look at ideas that are proposed by both everyday Americans and experts.  

Submit Your own Solutions:  Working alone or with others, develop ideas for cutting federal spending.  Submit your recommendations to our Solution Design Center where we will display them to other users and find the best path to send them to those in government.  

Join an Interest Group or Working Committee:  Become part of one or more teams who are focused on specific issues -- like those facing the next or current generation or workers,  the likelihood of rising homelessness -- where you can share your knowledge and brainstorm ideas with others.   

Preparing yourself for the future by understanding the economy and where it's going.   

Here's the next step in building your knowledge about the U.S. economy, where it has been, and where it may be going. With an Annual Entry Membership in the National Economic Rescue Initiative:  (1) You'll stay current with developments in the U.S. and global economy, as well as financial situations that could affect your family. (2) You will be able to plug into the advanced  PFI ProjectorXE (Extended Edition) and develop greater insights about the future. (3) You will get news and commentary on our world today that you won't find in other media via an Entry Membership to PJTV.  Sign up by Jan. 3, 2011, and you will get all of this for one year for only $39.95. 

Preparing for your family's financial future through virtual financial planning series.   

Frankly, when the PJ Institute was conducting market research on our National Economic Rescue Initiative, we were focused initially on the country's economic problems.  But those who participated in our research told us that they wanted to be more prepared. As a result, we are developing an interesting Internet series for financial planning.

Whether the topics are "How to deal with future inflation" or "Is Uncle Sam broke?" and if so, "What does it mean to me?" -- we will focus on topics that are relevant to today's environment. These will not be just talking head lectures. They are sessions designed to work in conjunction with financial planning applications that are rated highly by Money and Forbes.

The Annual, Basic and Premium Memberships will help you and your family plan for the coming economic reality. If you select one of these memberships, you can participate in frequent planning sessions delivered over the Internet, taught by skilled leaders who will keep you current on what you need to know to build viable financial plans. Prices start at $99.95 for the first year if you sign up by Jan 3,2011. 

Click here to see what's coming shortly in our Basic and Premium Memberships.



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Join other Americans and speak out about cutting spending: How you can make recommendations on cutting spending and see solutions from others?

Skill Challenge (beta) Test your econ skills here.

  • Do you know in what year will federal interest payments on the debt will equal military spending?

How will the federal government use our tax dollars over the next several decades?

  • Pick any family from this page and scroll down to chart #2 – Federal view here.

Modeling See how cuts in federal spending can affect: Future spending, our deficit, our debt,  our debt-to-GDP and the date at which it could hit 90%

Debt Stabilization Tax (pick a sample family here)

  • How much of a debt stabilization tax could American’s be hit with?
  • Model how much/little Congress might cut federal spending and what impact that could have on a debt stabilizing tax.
  • Model the cuts in federal spending YOU THINK need to be made avoid a debt stabilization tax.

Personal Financial Planning here.

  • How do deal with future inflation
  • Is Uncle Sam Broke; and if so what does that mean to me?
  • Beating the tax man – legally




Explore how current and next generation families may be hit with more taxes

Decode the problem of how your family could pay additional taxes to stabilize the debt. 

Visit our Solution Design Center: See solutions to these economic problems from experts and non-experts, and propose your own solutions.

Join Groups and Committees: Follow or join a group or committee -- coming soon.

Join the PJ Institute to sharpen your insights: Use an advanced web app, the PFI Projector XE, to model sophisticated economic situations, and stay up-to-date via educational videos and articles.  

Take advantage of power tools to plan your family's financial future:  Select a membership package to access award-winning applications, and educational webinars, for building personal financial plans tuned to economic realities.     

Three Reasons to Register:

1) View impacts on more current and next generation families

2) Submit your own Federal spending recommendations to our virtual economic Solution Design Center

3) Keep track of knowledge points scored in skill challenges

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