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Decoding the Deficit and Exploring Solutions

Welcome to the National Economic Rescue Initiative where you can explore and develop solutions for cutting U.S. federal spending now to avoid rising taxes later. Right on this web page, you can get off to a fast start by beginning to decode the deficit. 

On the right side of the page, adjust both federal spending and taxes by moving the green oval on the slider bars, and press “Apply.” 

On the left side of the page, see what your changes accomplished. Your goal is to get the red “spending” line closer to the green “income” line. The space between the red and green lines represents the “deficit.” 

In a few minutes, you will learn what it takes to reduce the deficit.



 More Ways to Decode the Deficit



Planning your Financial Future

(via interactive video seminars)




Explore Tax Impacts on American Families
(via profiles on 11 families)



  How to deal with future inflation.
Is Uncle Sam broke; if so, what does that mean
to me?
  Could this family owe $470,000 in debt stabilization taxes?  
Explore ideas from everyday people, and propose your own solutions.


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