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Chapter 1: What Is a Constitution?
3 minutes

It's your Constitution. Learn to love it more.


If you find yourself saying "That's unconstitutional!" more and more these days, Scott Ott knows how you feel. It's what drove him to start reading the Federalist Papers, then the Anti-Federalist Papers, then dozens of books, essays, speeches and pamphlets, many from 1787-88. Scott wanted to know why the Constitution is the way it is. Now, he shares that journey of discovery with you, a step at a time.

As a valued PJTV member, you will have access to all 20 episodes of the Freedom's Charter series. Scott Ott will be your personal tour guide into the drafting of our Constitution -- exploring the personalities, the fights, the compromises and the consequences surrounding the Federal Convention of 1787 and the subsequent ratification process.

With lively stories, engaging graphics and high-def video from inside the Assembly Room at Independence Hall and Signers' Hall at the National Constitution Center, Freedom's Charter with Scott Ott will captivate young students, and anyone who shares this same passion for liberty.


It's your Constitution. Learn to love it more.

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