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Our online book club is a place where lovers of freedom and liberty can find new books and share their favorites. Use the interactive bookshelf to organize your reading lists. Learn about new books through recommendations from our esteemed literary panel, and our interviews with authors. You also can rate and review books from the classics to modern-day bestsellers.  The Freedom Academy® Book Club is available for free. Enter the Freedom Academy Book Club here.
Now Available!
The Western Story
The Western story stretches back some 2,500 years to the city-states of ancient Greece. In this eight-part series, Victor Davis Hanson explores the many connections between the Greeks (and the Romans) and ourselves, and makes the case that antiquity is a mirror into which the modern world must gaze to truly see itself. This Lecture Series is available to Premium Members.
The Odyssey of Western Civilization
In this visually rich and intellectually deep video series, Professor Victor Davis Hanson  takes you on a tour of Western civilization -- from the Greek and Roman empires to the British and American centuries, across time to the present. Comprised of eight, 30-minute video lectures, this series guides you through the origins and evolution of the empires and ideas that changed the world.  This Lecture Series is available to Premium Members.
Freedom's Charter
This 20-episode series takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Join host Scott Ott on a journey of discovery to learn more the people who fashioned our Constitution, and the big ideas that helped make our nation great. Each video also features a quiz so you can test your knowledge, and a discussion question. This Lecture Series is available to Premium Members. Click here to watch Freedom's Charter now.
History in the News (Coming in 2015)