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"Game Change" - The New Book That’s Shaking the DC Establishment
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Hugh Hewitt brings you tomorrow’s front page tonight. Hewitt cuts through the noise of today’s mainstream media and delivers a quick and accurate summary of what matters most in America and around the world. With his trademark good humor and center-right perspective, Hewitt offers up all the daily news you need in less than 10 minutes. He broadcasts from his studio before or after his daily radio show, and summarizes the most pressing issues of the day. It is a walk through the world of talk radio in concentrated fashion.

About the Host:

Hugh Hewitt is a lawyer, law professor and host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show heard weekdays in more than 120 cities across the U.S., with an estimated audience of 2 million listeners a week. Hewitt conducts an active practice in natural resource and land use law while teaching Constitutional Law atChapman University Law School in Orange, California. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Michigan Law School. He has written fourteen books, and his a devoted follower of the Cleveland Browns, Cavaliers, Indians, the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Blog: http://www.HughHewitt.com

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