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Part rant, part theatrical shorts, ZoNation provides commentary on politics and social issues. Not afraid to call out liberals on their backward thinking and often hypocritical behavior, AlfonZo Rachel tells it straight … and he’s not shy about it either.

About the Host:
AlfonZo Rachel is a musican and martial arts instructor who founded Macho Sauce Productions to create right-minded entertainment.  

Affleck and Maher Lock Devil Horns Over Islam
5 minutes
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Stupidity, Not Race, Made Police Break a Car Window and Tase a Black Guy
9 minutes
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'Blackish': A New Comedy TV Show to Unsettle People of all Backgrounds
6 minutes
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Jun. 10, 2014
Jun. 3, 2014
May. 27, 2014
Mar. 25, 2014
Mar. 7, 2014
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