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Sonja Schmidt is First Lady Michelle Obama in the Worldwide Music Video Debut of "Junk Food"
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Who's in Your Wallet?

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Charge it Forward: Paying for DC's Culture of Spending
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Sonja Schmidt picks up where the mainstream media left off when she puts liberals in the hot seat, exposing the side of them that the left doesn’t want you to see.


About the Host:

Sonja Schmidt writes for primetime television series, including Fox’s In Living Color, NBC’s Hidden Hills, and popular children’s programming, including City Guys, The Famous Jett Jackson, and highly popular Disney series That’s So Raven and Cory in the House. She has also produced and written a variety of Image and Prism Award winning programs, as well as Emmy-nominated television programs. Her writing/producing experience spans feature film and television as well as radio and the Internet.

Schmidt has authored a children’s book, Deb & Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming, which exposes manmade global warming fallacies and has ranked #2 on Amazon’s’ “Hot New Releases” of Children’s Educational books. She is a member of political satirist Evan Sayet’s conservative Right to Laugh standup comedy troupe and performs monthly at the world-famous Laugh Factory on the Sunset Strip. She is an op-ed contributor for The Signal newspaper.

Schmidt was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and prior to becoming a conservative she was a “conflicted liberal,” single mother of two and a welfare recipient. Schmidt now lives with her husband and two golden retrievers in the Angeles Forest. In her spare time she volunteers at Carousel Ranch, an equestrian therapy center for physically and emotionally impaired children.


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FLASHBACK/RACER REDUX Get the Race Card Advantage: A Free Pass on Everything!
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Left Exposed wth Sonja Schmidt

Apr. 12, 2011 / 8min.
Apr. 28, 2010 / 6min.
Dec. 24, 2009 / 7min.
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