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Top Conservatives on Twitter are part of the new Conservative movement and now you can find TCOT and it's founder Michael Patrick Leahy daily on PJTV.

Along with American Tea Party with Glenn Reynolds, TCOT on PJTV will be covering the latest directions in the Tea Party Movement and will feature the leaders and activists at the local, state, and federal level. 

Pajamas TV is also signing up Citizen Reporters and Photographers to help cover and document the American Tea Party Protests, especially those taking place on tax day, April 15, 2009.  Please click here to sign up.

Also, learn about programs that are part of PJTV's "Generational Theft" initiative.  

As demonstrated by the American Tea Parties, concern is growing about how the country's economic direction could have a negative impact on the next generation. 

Pajamas TV has launched several programs to report on this "Generational Theft."  We will be examining what the real "dollar" impact could be on future generations.

Our Generational Theft Contest will award $20,000 to the winning team of college students and professors.  They will compete to create the best model to calculate the future income and purchasing power of a 2009 college graduate as a result of the cost of today's economic recovery programs.  Click here to learn more about our contest and how to enter.

Our Generational Theft Hearings will take place periodically, bringing together the best experts to forecast how today's government programs affect the financial prosperity of Americans for generations to come.  Our next hearing is planned for late April 2009.  It will take place in Washington, D.C. and will be aired on www.pjtv.com shortly thereafter.  Watch for news on the hearings on our home page.


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