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In the fall of 2009, America turned a new page in our nation’s leadership. We also be turned a new page in media--with the launch of a Media 2.0 adventure called Pajamas TV. Leveraging the growing popularity of internet TV, we are addressing some of the concerns the public has about today’s media.

Public confidence and trust in the in the Main Stream Media 1.0 world has been declining for over 10 years due to [our] questions about accuracy, bias, and even deception. In many cases, it has been bloggers--often bloggers from the Pajamas Media Network, who have helped expose media scandals: CBS’s Rathergate, Reuter’s falsified photos in the Lebanese war, AP’s use of false photos in the Iranian missile crisis and others. 
So now Pajamas TV is bringing you some of the best bloggers, pundits, think tanks around the world!  After starting on Sept 1, 2008 from the Republican National Convention PJTV went on to develop a variety of shows covering National Security, The Economy, Politics and Culture in Hollywood (Poliwood), Afterburner with Bill Whittle, and more. With locations in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and Jerusalem as well as citizen reporters and bloggers around the world - we've got you covered. Pajamas TV is available on a subscription-only basis. This means that our Pajamas TV subscribers will be TOTALLY free from commercials and ads from outside vendors! 

So how do I sign up? 
   Go to www.pajamastv.com, and click on the PJTV Overview video.Test our four qualities of video to make sure they really work on your computer, network, etc.-, and then select one of three packages. These packages cost $5, $15, $25, or $37 per month.