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Premium Annual Members of the PJI's National Economic Rescue Initiative are provided with a complimentary advanced financial planning tool - ESPlanner.

Note: this is a download product that requires a Windows operating system (MAC OS is not supported)

ESPlanner has been rated #1 by Money Magazine.

"ESPlanner the most powerful financial planning software yet created." - Scott Burns, Nationally Syndicated Financial Columnist

Retirement Decisions

  • Determine precise living standard impact of retiring early.
  • Specify retirement housing plans.
  • Specify the state in which you'll retire.
  • Specify each future year's retirement contributions.
  • Specify annuity purchase plans.
  • Specify pension plan details.
  • Specify retirement earnings.
  • Specify desired changes in your living standard in retirement.

Education Decisions

  • See if more education pays.
  • Specify training and education costs on a year-by-year basis.
  • Specify future earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Compare living standard with and without education investment.
  • Explore use of a 529 plan.

Career Decisions

  • Specify future wages on a year-by-year basis.
  • Specify future self-employment earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Enter details of employers' fringe benefit plans.
  • Specify state to which you would relocate.
  • Specify housing costs in each job.

Housing Decisions

  • Specify up to two changes in your primary home.
  • Specify up to two changes in your vacation home. Specify future housing appreciation/depreciation.
  • Determine the living standard impact of downsizing. Determine the living standard gains from co-residence.
  • Specify second mortgages.
  • Specify interest-only and other non-conventional mortgages.

Retirement Account Decisions

  • Determine how additional contributions will affect your living standard.
  • Enter each future year's contributions separately.
  • Determine whether Roth or 401(k) contributions deliver higher living standard.
  • Determine what the employer's contribution is really worth. Specify annuitization of retirement accounts.
  • Tailor your retirement account withdrawals.

Social Security Decisions

  • Specify future covered earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Enter self-employment earnings separately (affects FICA taxes).
  • Specify each past year's covered Social Security earnings.
  • Program calculates precise retirement, survivor, and spousal benefits.
  • Determine precisely the optimal age to collect.
  • Determine precise gains from repaying old benefits and reapply for new ones.
  • Specify that your future pension is from non-covered employment.
  • Specify when you plan to enroll in Medicare.
  • Specify how Social Security benefits and Medicare premiums will change.

Pension Decisions

  • Determine precise living standard impact of taking pension early.
  • Compare living standard taking a lump sum vs. an annual benefit.
  • Specify degree of indexation of pension to inflation.
  • Specify survivor pension benefit.
  • Compare pension benefits at different jobs.

Tax Planning Decisions

  • Specify if special expenditures are excludable from AGI or tax deductible.
  • Specify whether special receipts are taxable at ordinary or capital gains rates.
  • Specify the share of your regular asset income coming from tax-free municipals.
  • Specify share of regular asset income coming from capital gains and dividends.

Real Estate Decisions

  • Enter up to five real estate properties.
  • Determine if new real estate acquisitions will raise your living standard.
  • Determine when it's best to sell your properties.
  • Determine the best way to finance your real estate acquisitions.

Estate Decisions

  • Specify income, special expenses, etc. in the event of death of a spouse/partner.
  • Specify funeral expenses and bequests
  • Specify degree of protection to provide survivors
  • Specify current face and cash value of life insurance holdings.

Lifestyle Decisions

  • Determine living standard impact of retiring early.
  • Determine living standard gains from marriage.
  • Determine living standard impact of having children
  • Determine living standard impact of divorce.
  • Determine most tax efficient way to get divorced.
  • Determine living standard cost of charitable giving.