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Steven Crowder offers a no-holds-barred take on topical issues and events. See the many “faces” of Crowder as he illustrates why he has a problem with leftist politicians, left-wing commentators, and liberals in general. Often going undercover in enemy territory, or aping pop-culture icons, Crowder reveals what liberals have tried to bury under misinformation and lies.

About the Host:

Born in Detroit, raised in Montreal, and now based in New York City, Steven Crowder’s entertainment career began at the age of 12, when he was awarded the role of voicing the character "The Brain" on the hit children's TV series Arthur. He continued acting, and gradually segued into standup comedy. At the age of 18, Crowder became the youngest comic to perform at the “Just for Laughs” festival (breaking the previous record set by Chris Rock at 19). Crowder’s act was so well received that coordinators decided to feature him on XM Radio and booked him on tours across North America. He has won the nationwide “So You Think You’re Funny” MySpace Comedy Contest, and has parlayed his comic gifts into manic online political commentaries, for which he often caricatures a variety of pop-culture icons.