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Sarah Palin Takes on Harry Reid and the Lame Stream Media in Searchlight, NV
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Don't Tread On Her: Dana Loesch and Glenn discuss Tea Party movement
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Tea Party TV

Throughout 2009, PJTV reported on the tea party movement -- from its origins in February, to its April 15 tax day and July 4 protests, and, most recently, its Tea Party Express Tour across the country.

For 2010, PJTV is excited to air a weekly series called Tea Party TV that will cover all facets of this grassroots movement:

  • What tea party groups are forming, who is working together and who isn’t.
  • How the tea party groups are working with the GOP, Independents, Libertarians.
  • Who the emerging leaders are and what they stand for.
  • What issues and challenges the tea parties are tackling.
  • What media outlets are covering the tea parties and which aren’t.

Your hosts on Tea Party TV will analyze and report on all of that for you:

  • Dana Loesch - Radio host with the pulse of grass roots movements from Tea Parties, Smart Girl Politics to mommy bloggers
  • Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.com, host of PJTV's InstaVision and University of Tennessee law professor
  • AlfonZo Rachel, from PJTV's ZoNation

The best way to stay informed about the tea party movement, watch Tea Party TV.  


Convention Coverage - Internet Videos - see PJTV interviews and coverage of many conference sessions below (registration required)





Tea Party TV Videos



 2009 Tea Party Coverage - (some videos require a PJTV subscription)


The Rumblings of this Grassroots Movement - February – April, 2009:

From Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC to populist protests, the tea party movement starts to emerge. Watch here.


Tax Day Protests - April 15, 2009:

200 protest events were predicted, then 600. In the end, there were 1,000. PJTV signed up 800 citizen reporters, and they uploaded more than 7,000 photos and 100 videos of these protests to www.PJTV.com. View that coverage here.


Tea Party Express Tour (no subscription needed) - October 25 – November 12, 2009

PJTV commentator traveled the country with this bus tour and reported from 38 cities. He posted 100 interviews of the Americans at these tea party events. Watch those interviews here.