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Obamacare Surprise: Racial Preferences
6 minutes

Former leftist Joe Hicks gives PJTV an across-the-spectrum perspective. Having been on the “other side,” Hicks has a comprehensive understanding of political and social issues. Often discussing how race fits into the picture, Hicks uncovers the part of the story that the mainstream media chooses to ignore. His commentaries present his strongly-held views on wide-ranging topics that are as fresh as they are provocative. As someone who spent years working in the mainstream media, Hicks additionally exposes the well-documented leftist bias that slants the mainstream media’s coverage of issues and events.

About the Host:

Joe Hicks is the Vice President of Community Advocates Inc., a political think tank based in Los Angeles. He currently serves as a member of the California Advisory Panel to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. From 2006 to 2009 he hosted the “The Joe Hicks Show,” a weekly Los Angeles radio talk show on KFI AM 640.

In 1991 Hicks became the Executive Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (founded by Martin Luther King Jr.) and served until 1997. He was the Executive Director of the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission under then-Mayor Richard J. Riordan from 1997 to 2001.

For more than 30 years, Hicks has been a prominent figure in high-profile political issue. He has acquired a reputation as an articulate, forceful speaker whose opinions have been featured frequently in local, national and international print as well as broadcast media. Hicks served three years as a member of the Board of Governors for the California State Bar, stepping down in 2002.

Throughout the turbulent Sixties, as well as years leading up to the 1990s, Hicks views were aligned with the nation’s prevailing left-liberal political orthodoxy. However, by the early-1990s Hicks began a re-examination of these views which resulted in dramatic changes. Today, he describes himself as a proudly independent political conservative with libertarian leanings.

Active on the lecture circuit, he is currently writing a book that examines America’s contemporary race relations while simultaneously reflecting on his own 30-year journey across the nation’s racial and political landscape.