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 American Tea Party Overview: 

America is on the brink of another revolution. In a new American Tea Party, citizens across the USA are beginning to protest giant government programs that reach deep into their pockets. These programs create huge economic burdens on American families and threaten their livelihood now and into the future.

You can watch some of the video coverage of Tea Party Protests by PJTV on the right hand side.

Pajamas TV signed up over 700 Citizen Reporters and Photographers for the April 15, Tax Day Tea Party! In total PJTV received over 100 videos and over 7,000 photos.  We currently have over 900 Citizen Reporters signed up.

Also, learn about programs that are part of PJTV's "Generational Theft" initiative.  

As demonstrated by the American Tea Parties, concern is growing about how the country's economic direction could have a negative impact on the next generation. 

Pajamas TV held some Generational Theft Hearing in DC on May 7 of this year. Click here to see the videos.  




Watch These Videos covering Protests around the US 

lock Tea Party-On in Texas! May 18 / American Tea Party
lock Time for a Bill of Federalism? May 6 / American Tea Party

Watch PJTV Interviews with think tank experts, see our hearing on the Stimulus and Health Care.